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My role

Mobile UI Designer

Visual Designer


  • Figma
  • Balsamiq
  • Miro 
  • Milanote

How might we...

How might we create an intuitive and user-friendly platform that will include text-heavy content.
We were asked to create a Web design but delivered a mobile version to challenge ourselves and meet the needs from user with little time.


web & mobile design


Ui styleguide


How we went about creating the UI designin Figma.

design process

Deep dive into the company

What is important for me when working is to get to know the brand. Who are they whay do they do? Why do they do it?



Since the company already had an existing website we started of by doing usability -testing on that. We create tasks and mapped out pain points, that we later on developed wire frames on.


The main insights from the usability testing was that it was a huge amount of text to digest, user didn’t feel engaged to read. The readability was an area of improvement. It has hard to navigate to find information about what they were doing as a company. 

How might we increase readability working with a huge amot of content, creating a pleasant experience for the user?

testing wire frames

We came up with 3 different ways of dividing the content in a more user-friendly way.
We also aligned with the developer at the company of what was feasible for them.

Mock-ups figma

We presented 3 different mock-ups Classic/Modern/Crazy and decided to challenge ourself by making a mobile version since most of their target has little time and use their phone more. 


Client picked the “crazy” one since they wanted to become more innovative and felt that was more aligned with their brand.

Prototype in figma

divide mobile and web design

Used blocks to increase readability. We used geometric icons to explain the work flow and less text. Which gave a more pleasant experience for the user. Feedback : Easier to grasp

define ui styleguide

present to client


Prototyped web and mobile design.