Employee experience project

Ebanx toolbox

EBANX is a fintech company that offers cross-border payment solutions for global merchants in Latin America. Ebanx allows anyone to make online purchases even if they don’t have credit or debit cards. Through it they supported enterprise companies in growing their business in Latin America and have given millions of Latin American consumers access to international products and services.The company was founded 2012 and has become one of the first unicorns in Brazil. Today, they are valued at approximately $5 billion and has more than 900 employees. So the company has grown fast in a short amount of time.

Brazilian unicorn


The company had during the pandemic faced issues in career development within the company and didn’t understand what the employees needed. They also developed and introduced something called the Ebankerway framework that they wished to serve as a solution to the problem but the employees didn’t know how to use it in practice.




The result of the several research methods we used was an in depth understanding of the business perspectives and goals of the stakeholders. The unclarities and needs of the team members of the Tech teams from regarding career development and findings in the holes in the communication in leadership. Our research had us spot light on the real problem of bad leadership communication and the needs of tools to use the Ebankerway in practice.

Week 1-2
Desktop research
To learn more about the company.
Ebanx Onboarding process
To gain an understanding of the company and how the history shaped the company and how the company operates. This was important in order to better understand the “ Ebanker way” which was a newly developed framework that represented the way ebankers work. This was important in creating a foundation to our work to be adapted to the company values.

User interviews – CEO / Head of HR / Managers / Talent acquisition etc
To understand the business perspectives and goals from the upper board

Week 3-4
Focus groups – / Tech teams / Leaders
We choose to have focus groups as an effective way to gain an understanding of the tech teams and leaders perspectives regarding career development. This helped us get a more nuanced perspective on the impact of leadership style.
Surveys – 50 answers
We choose to send out surveys to the team members in order to fast and effectively gather data of the employees individual goals and interests since we aimed to form an employee persona.
Observation Workshop
In order to gain more in depth insight of how a development talk between leader and team member was done at the time we asked to participate in one, with the aim to create a user journey over the process and manage pain points.

Week 5-6
Synthesise & analysing
We choose to synthesise & analyse the user insights throughout the research process to then speed up the process in the end. Usually I would gather the research first and then synthesise. But this was effective since we had plenty of data to analyze. I used the Affinity mapping method to boil down the insights. I used the digital whiteboard tool when creating it. And from this I managed to create an Employee persona that helped us move forward into concept development. We’re only 2 people responsible for gathering the user research so therefore the employee persona helped in communicating the data in a visualised and tangible way.

Agile Methods & tools
User journey & persona


With the main insights from the research we spent a day ideating on possible solutions and deliverables for the client.
The thought process here was to keep it relevant and connect our solution to the Ebanker way. From the insight we boil it down even further to get 3 criterias to ideate on. We used several brainstorming tools from the HYper toolbox to then end up with 2 ideas that we analysed to be feasible in terms of resources in the team and time. Since this was a school project we also had to consider the learning goals for each team member.

We presented 3 possible concepts of deliverables to the client and they really liked the idea of the Toolbox which we decided to go on with.



Meanwhile our strategist worked on creating the Communication strategy we created a digital toolbox using platform Figma. We chose to do this since it allows collaborative options and we were thinking of saving time for the developers by doing lo-fi wireframes and iterating upon them. We created a fully prototyped and branded toolbox in Figma since it also allowed the company to use it as a shared link and therefore be implementable faster.

Wireframing & protoyping
usability testing & iterations


To evaluate the toolbox concept, we relied on usage metrics in conjunction with a usability testing workshop where leaders tried out our leadership tools. This allowed us to gain deeper understanding through combining both qualitative and quantitative information. And since the

Although the leaders enjoyed it we did have to re formulate the content to be even more simplified. Discussions with employees and leaders who participated in discussions revealed that leaders needed more support and guidance in the facilitation of the using the tools. The 6 of 8 team members expressed that they felt the same connection and community as in office before the pandemic.


Results & lessons

I learn that their cultural differences and titles are highly valued in the Brazilian community. It’s important to have clear job descriptions in order for the employees to know what’s expected from them. Especially when a start-up is becoming a cooperative it gets harder to climb and get seen and the company needs to get a clear system in place and a code of conduct or a picture of a career path won’t help an employee understand exactly how it should develop.

Next time I would organize the interviews differently because of the unclarity of the million of roles we sometimes ended up talking to people outside our audience. So clarify the target audience and define the scope.

culture differencies
Hi-fi protoype & strategy


Our deliverables were the heavy research we handed over, our proposal of new communication strategy together with a fully prototyped toolbox designed after the framework Ebankerway.